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Pulse Counter

Pulse Counter


  • ■ Max. display 99999999. (8 digits)
  • ■ Input is ON/OFF Pulse or voltage pulse
  • ■ Available with 16 types of pulse coefficient selection function.

Operation manual

Standard Specifications

Model Designation

460D - - -

①Input Signal

Code Input
1 ON-OFF pulse
2 Voltage pulse

②Power Supply

Code Power Source Voltage
3 AC 100 V / 120 V
5 AC 200 V / 240 V

③Display Color

Code Description
Blank Red LED
G Green LED

General Specifications

Display 8 digits Red or Green LED (character height 10 mm) with zero-suppress function.
Decimal Point setting is optional (front setting or external control).
Over-range indication by flashing of LED at upper left of the display section.
Counter Input
In case of ON-OFF pulse:
No voltage contacts or open collector (NPN). Counts with ON.
Contact capacity DC 12 V 8 mA, “H” = 9 to 12 V, “L” = 0 to 6 V
In case of voltage pulse:
Counts at rising from “L” to “H”.
“L”=0 to 2V, “H”=4.5 to 30V Input resistance approximately 5kΩ.
* In case of relay contact, take caution on counter error because of chattering.
Maximum counting speed 10 cps / 5 kcps (by selection of input terminal).
Min. pulse width 50ms at 10 cps, 0.1ms at 5 kcps
Memory retention Non-volatile memory for approximately 10 years.
Withstand Voltage Input terminals - external case: AC 1500 V for 1min.
Power supply terminals - external case: AC 1500 V for 1min.
Power supply terminals - Input terminals: AC 1500 V for 1min.
Insulation Resistance DC 500 V,  More than 100 MΩ
Power Supply
AC 100 / 120 V ± 10%
AC 200 / 240 V   ± 10%
Power Consumption 2.5 VA
Storage Temperature -20 to 70°C

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