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Private Policy

1. Private Policy of Tsuruga Electric Corporation

Tsuruga Electric Corporation recognizes the importance of personal information of all our customers and protects all information collected by our valuable customers very carefully

  1. 1.1Personal information may be the identification of the person name, company name, department name, address, phone numbers, e-mails, Tel/Fax no. and others provided by customers.
  2. 1.2Tsuruga Electric may use such personal information to provide the Tsuruga service to respective customers. The service may include the reply for inquiry requested by customers, introduction of new products, exhibition, questionnaires and seminars within legitimate purpose only.
  3. 1.3Expect the information required by law and with consent of the customers, all information are fully protected from the third party.
  4. 1.4To protect the information to third party, Tsuruga Electric will ask customers for verification identity if any modification, delete, and disclosure the information are requested by customers.

2. About the website of Tsuruga Electric Corporation

  1. 2.1Tsuruga Electric may modify, delete the website without prior consent of customers.
  2. 2.2Tsuruga Electric Corporation does not manage the websites of other company links connected with Tsuruga websites.
  3. 2.3Tsuruga Electric Corporation does not take any responsibility if any damage occurs because of usage of Tsuruga website.
  4. 2.4Any portion of sentences, photos, drawing are forbidden to copy for ill purpose.
  5. 2.5If any of our customer prefer to link Tsuruga website, please contact us.

3. Prohibition

  1. 3.1Tsuruga Electric strictly prohibits any action which may damage the property and privacy of our customers as well as our company.
  2. 3.2Tsuruga Electric strictly prohibits any action spreading harmful computer virus.
  3. 3.3Tsuruga Electric strictly prohibits any action against the law and ordinances.

Tsuruga Electric Corporation
E-mail: ft.info@tsuruga.co.jp

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