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Measuring Instrument & Tester

AC mΩ Meter


  • ■Suitable for simultaneous measurement for internal resistance and voltage of the battery
  • ■Measuring Frequency:10 kHz
  • ■High resolution:1 μΩ to 100 μΩ
  • ■Analog output of measuring resistance data comes standard

Operation manual

Typical Application

Internal resistance measurement for the primary battery, secondary battery, fuel cell battery, and so on.

Model Designation

356E - -
① Data Output
Code Description
356E Without Option
356E-03 With BCD data output (TTL level)
356E-04 With BCD data output (open collector)
356E-05 With RS-232C
356E-06 With RS-485
② Judgement Output
Code Description
Nil (blank) Open collector NPN
RY Relay output

Basic Specifications

Resistance range 30 mΩ, 300 mΩ and 3Ω
Voltage range DC 5 V and DC 50 V
Accuracy (representative) Resistance : ± (1.0% of rdg. + 15digit)
Voltage : ± (0.05% of rdg. + 5digit)
Frequency AC 10 kHz ± 200 Hz
Measuring Current 7.4 mA (for 30 mΩ), 1 mA(for 300 mΩ), 100 μA (for 30Ω)
Allowable applived voltage DC 60 V for all range
Sampling rate and Response speed
SLOW mode: 1.56 time/sec. 1.92s for 50 Hz
1.88 time/sec. 1.60s for 60 Hz
MEDIUM mode: 6.25 time/sec. 800ms for 50 Hz
7.52 time/sec. 667ms for 60 Hz
FAST mode: 50 time/sec. 100 ms for 50 Hz
60 time/sec. 84 ms for 60 Hz
Measurement method AC Four-terminal measurement
Power supply AC100 to 240 V 50/60 Hz
Weight Approx. 1 kg
Dimensions 206 (W) x 65 (H) x 169 (D) mm
Optional Accessories
Kelvin clip 5811-24B
Power Supply fuse, Power Supply code, Connector for input

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