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Digital Meter / Printer

Temperature Measuring Digital Meter Relay

MODEL 4258

  • ■ Easy calibration for scaling
  • ■ Available analog or BCD output
  • ■ Relay or open collector for comparison output

Operation manual

Model Designation

4258 - - - - -

① Power supply voltage

Code Power source voltage
A AC 100 to 240 V
B DC 12 to 24 V

②Data output

Code Data output Tolerable Load resistive
Blank -
03 Analog output DC ±1 V More than 200 Ω
04 Analog output DC ±5 V More than 1 kΩ
05 Analog output DC ±10 V More than 2 kΩ
09 Analog output DC 1 to 5 V More than 1 kΩ
23 Analog output DC ±1 mA 0 to 10 kΩ
24 Analog output DC ±5 mA 0 to 2 kΩ
29 Analog output DC 4 to 20 mA 0 to 600 Ω
BP BCD output (TTL level positive logic) -
BN BCD output (TTL level negative logic) -
DN BCD output (transistor output, sink type) -
E1 RS-485 -

③Comparison output

Code Specification
Blank Relay output
TN Open collector output (NPN)

④Comparison system

Code Description
Blank HI,GO,LO *

*Can be changed to HH,H,GO and GO,L,LL

⑤Display color

Code Color
Blank Red LED
G Green LED

Measuring Input

Sensor Measuring range Display range Accuracy Over load
R 100.0 to 1768.0°C -50.0 to 1800°C ±(0.3% of rdg + 1°C) DC ±10 V
K -200.0 to 1372.0°C -270.0 to 1400.0°C
E -200.0 to 1000.0°C -270.0 to 1050.0°C
J -200.0 to 1200.0°C -210.0 to 1250.0°C
T -200.0 to 400.0°C -270.0 to 420.0°C
B 600.0 to 1800.0°C -20.0 to 1820.0°C
N -200.0 to 1300.0°C -230.0 to 1350.0°C
Resistance thermobulb
Sensor Measuring range Display range Accuracy Over load
Pt100Ω -200.0 to 850.0°C -200.0 to 870.0°C ±(0.2% of rdg + 0.3digit) DC ±10 V
JPt100Ω -200.0 to 645.0°C -200.0 to 660.0°C

Basic Specifications

Display Red or Green LED (character height 14.2mm), “-” polarity, with zero-suppress function.
During the measuring mode, the display switches from current value to peak memory, bottom memory,
display amplitude, and current value.
Sensor selection Selectable from 9 types of temperature sensor
Over-range display Flashing with minimum or maximum value of display range
Direction of burnout Flashes at Max. display value. In case of RTD, it is selectable at Max. or Min. display value
Response within 1 second or within display cycle, whichever longer
Resolution RTD input: 0.1 °C (0.01°C when PT100Ω range 2)
External resistance 500Ω Max. for Thermocouple input
5Ω Max. per wire for RTD input
Sampling rate Approx. 5 times/s.
Display cycle Selectable from 200ms, 400ms, 1s, 2s, 4s, 5s
Input method Single ended, floating input
A/D conversion ⊿-∑conversion method
Noise Rejection Normal mode (NMR) - More than 50 dB.
Common mode (CMR) - More than 110 dB.
Noise through power supply line – 1000 V (at AC voltage power supply)
Comparative digit Figure: 4-digit, Pole: 1-digit
Comparative method 2-isolated contact, programmable of high/low point (for model HI, GO, and LO)
CPU comparative judgement method (against display value)
Judgement Digital switch setting
Width of hysteresis 1 - 999, set the same value for 2-comparative output
Comparative display LED display, HI(red), GO(green), and LO(yellow)
Comparative output Relay contact, 1-SPST Normally Open, 125 V 0.5 A AC, 250 V 0.1 A AC (resistive)
NPN Open collector, Max. DC 30 V 30 mA, Max. 1.6 V saturation voltage
Hold Hold for the measuring data, comparative output, and data output
Reset Default the comparative output
Insulation Resistance DC 500 V, More than 100 MΩ
Withstand Voltage Input terminals – External case: AC 1500 V each for 1min.
Power supply terminals – External case: AC 1500 V each for 1min.
Power supply terminals - Input and output terminals: AC 500 V each for 1min.
Power Supply AC 100 to 200 V (50/60Hz), DC 12 to 24 V
Power Consumption Approx. 5 VA at 100 V AC, 7 VA at 200 V AC, 180 mA at 12 V. 90 mA at 24 V DC.
Operating Temperature 0 to 50°C
Storage Temperature -20 to 70°C
Weight Approx. 450 g

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