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Digital Meter / Printer

Voltage and Current input meter Relay for High-speed, High precision Measurement


  • ■ DC 2CH input, four arithmetic operations function
  • ■ High-speed sampling 2000 times/sec.
  • ■ Respond to the rapid input changes by comparison function against the previous data
  • ■ Ideal for mass-production workstation by the synchronous measurement function

Operation manual

Model Designation

452G - - - - - -

①Measuring input (Two input are the same and same range)

Code Measuring range Input impedance Accuracy of display Over load
03 ±999.9 mV 100 MΩ ±(0.1% of F.S + 1digit)
for two input
±250 V
04 ±9.999 V 1 MΩ
V2 0 to 5 V 1 MΩ
09 1 to 5 V 1 MΩ
19 4 to 20 mA 12.4 Ω ±150 mA

②Power supply voltage (Available- 09 and -29 of ④Data output 1 only)

Code Power source voltage
A AC 100 to 240 V
B DC 12 to 24 V

③Power source for sensor (Floating output)

Code Output voltage Output current
Blank -
2 DC 5 V ± 10% 100 mA
3 DC 12 V ± 5% 150 mA *1
5 DC 24 V ± 5% 100 mA *2
*1 100 mA for the DC power supply
*2 50 mA for the DC power supply

④Data output 1

Code Data output Output impedance Tolerable Load resistive
Blank -
09 Analog output DC 0 to 10 V
(Available scaling, Default: 1 to 5 V )
Less than 0.1 Ω More than 1 kΩ
29B Analog output DC 0 to 20 mA
(Available scaling, Default: 4 to 20 mA)
More than 5 MΩ 0 to 500 Ω
BP BCD output (TTL level positive logic) -
BN BCD output (TTL level negative logic) -
DP BCD output (transistor output, source type) -
DN BCD output (transistor output, sink type) -
E0 RS-232C -
E1 RS-485 -
EC Decimal point external control -

⑤Data output 2(Available- 09 and -29 of ④Data output 1 only)

Code Data output
Blank No output
E0 RS-232C
E1 RS-485
EC Decimal point external control

⑥Comparoson output

Code specifications
TN Open collector output (NPN)
RY Relay output

Basic Specifications

Input 2CH input (operation result is Y between A and B), A and B is not isolated
Dual input operation Y=A+B, Y=A-B, Y=A×B, Y=A/B, Y=(A×B)/10, Y=(A×B)/100, Y=(A×B)/1000, But Ymax=99999
Main Display 0 to 9999, “-” polarity, with zero-suppress function. +/- 99999 when calibrating
PV: red or green LED (character height 15.2 mm)
Indication color: RR, RG, GR, GG (R: Red when any AL1 to AL4 turn ON, G: Green when all AL turn off.)
Sub-display SV1 and SV2: red LED (character height 7.6 mm)
Display Display data output, current value, peak memory, bottom memory, and display amplitude
“PM” lights up at the peak memory display
“BM” lights up at the bottom memory display.
Both “PM” and “BM” lights up at the amplitude display
Scaling Full-scale: -99999 to +9999
Offset: -99999 to +9999
Display cycle Selectable from 67ms, 400ms, 1s, 2s, 4s, 5s
Resolution 1/10000
Sampling rate 2000 times / sec.
Comparison output Response 2ms at 1CH, 4ms at 2CH
Input method Single ended, floating input
A/D conversion Successive approximation method
Noise Rejection Normal mode (NMR) - More than 40 dB.
Common mode (CMR) - More than 110 dB.
Noise through power supply line – 1000 V (at AC voltage power supply)
Insulation Resistance DC500V 100MΩ or more.
Withstand Voltage Input terminals - External case: AC 2000 V each for 1min.
Power supply terminals - External case: AC 2000 V each for 1min.
Power supply terminals - Input and output terminals: AC 1500 V each for 1min
Input terminals - Output terminals: AC 500 V each for 1min.
Power Supply AC 100 to 240 V (50/60Hz), DC 12 to 24 V, DC 110 V
AllowablePowerRange AC 90 to 250 V, DC 9 to 32 V, DC 100 to 170 V
Power Consumption 452G itself Approx. 8.5VA at 100V AC, 10.5VA at 200VAC, 300mA at 12V. 150mA at 24VDC.
Power supply unit: Approx. 7VA at 100V AC, 9VA at 200VAC, 200mA at 12V. 100mA at 24VDC.
Operating Temperature 0 to 50 °C
Storage Temperature -20 to 70 °C
Weight Approx. 300 g (60 g of the power supply unit)
Housing protection IP65 for the front panel, IP20 for the rear case, IP00 for terminals

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