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Analog Instrument

Rectangle shape Indicator
 For model R series

  • ・Lineup with 4 types
  • ・Easy-to-Read with clear indicator
  • ・Variety of scale and unit availbale
  • ・Easy installation

Operation manual

Main specification

Model T□R-2B T□R-25B1 T□R-25C1 T□R-25C
Symbol of operating principles Each '□' symbol is filled with operating principle below.
'M' : Moving Coil type
'C' : Rectifier type
'A' : RMS effective value type
'e.g. TMR-2B is a rectangle meter with moving coil.
Standard Specification Dimension 80 x 60 mm 100 x 75 mm 100 x 83 mm 120 x 100 mm
(1 mA DC rated)
0.145kg 0.170kg 0.150kg 0.180kg
Operating Principles
DC : Moving Coil type
AC : Rectifier type
  RMS effective value type
(for Ammeter more than 1A)
Accuracy Class Class 2.5
Length of Scale 52 mm 66 mm 73 mm 93 mm
Shape of pointer Black bar
Color of indicator panel White
Color of cover Black
Test Voltage Terminal/Outer case More than AC 2210 V 5sec.
Operating temperature 0 to 40 ℃
Operating humidity 30 to 90 %RH (No Condensing)
Standard Rated Input DC Ammeter
(Moving coil)
100 μA, 1 mA, 10 mA to 10 A 100 μA, 1 mA, 10 mA to 20 A 100 μA, 500 μA, 1 mA, 10 mA to 10 A 100 μA, 500 μA, 1 mA, 10 mA to 20 A
DC Voltmeter
(Moving coil)
1 to 150 V 1 to 300 V
Receiving meter
(Moving coil)
4 to 20 mA
1 to 5 V (4 kΩ)
1 to 5 V (1 MΩ, with external Converter 7331)
AC Ammeter Rectifier type 1 to 10 mA 1 to 300 mA
RMS effective value type 1 A to 30 A (with external Coverter 7311)
AC Voltmeter Rectifier type 10 V to 150 V 10 to 300 V

◎Twice or three times extended scale can be manufactured if the rated current of AC Ammeter is more than 1 A.
◎When the rated value is exceeded in DC Ammeter, connect the shunt and analog meter with 60 mV rated value.
◎When the rated valueis exceeded in DC voltmeter, connect the multiplier and analog meter with 1 mA rated voltage.
◎When the rated value is exceeded in AC Ammeter, connect the current transformer (CT) with analog meter with 5 A rated current.
◎When the rated value is exceeded in AC voltmeter, connect voltage transformer (VT) and analog meter with 100 V rated voltage.

Customers are requested to provide the following information during order.

  1. 1. Model
  2. 2. Rated input value
  3. 3. Scale and Unit
  4. ※Receiving meter of DC 1 to 5 V (1 MΩ)needs power supply.

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